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From press releases to digital advertising, Jelly Marketing is your go-to for all things PR. When you have exciting news – like a product launch or facility expansion – host an event for journalists and bloggers. Putting faces to names and having in-person conversations will reinforce your online interactions with reporters. We’ll help you send out tailored invitations to each member of the press with a custom hashtag in the invitees to encourage social media buzz.
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With social media as the number one reason people go online nowadays, there’s no understating the importance of certain platforms out there: What images do you have on Pinterest and Instagram? What industry leaders are you connecting with on Twitter and LinkedIn? What articles are you sharing on Facebook? And even more important than your outbound messages can be the information coming in. Social media is the great democratizer of communications and an essential part of every business’s marketing strategy.


“How can I be first on Google?” That’s an SEO question we get asked a lot and there are two answers. Paid ads can land you first, guaranteed, while organic SEO is a little more difficult. When it comes to paid ads, there's a few options. Our clients benefit from a combination of AdWords, Facebook and Retargeting. Together, these three PPC methods form the future of advertising in a digital age. Cool, eh? Ask us for more details about what digital advertising could do for your business.


If you've got the capacity to execute awesome digital marketing but need a little help along the way, Jelly is here for you. We've helped numerous clients execute digital marketing strategies including social media, digital ads, and PR. Whether you're looking for foundational advice and strategy or simply a sounding board for your digital marketing plans, Jelly's training program could be just what you need.
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