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Summer Survival Guide: PR Edition

Sweet summertime has arrived! In the PR world, the season can be somewhat of a "slow" time. We've created a mind-blowing guide for PR professionals to capitalize on the sunny weather and long, lazy days!

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4 PR Software Programs You Should Consider Using

Collecting and developing media list content is a very important aspect of any PR professional's job. With great media lists come great outreach and overall campaign results, but these lists don’t grow and support themselves. PR professionals need to manage all of their lists self-sufficiently, and this is a constant challenge. Another challenge our industry faces, is maintaining a healthy, ongoing relationship with the media themselves.

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People-Based Marketing: Transforming Customer Reach and Driving Measurable Results in The World of Digital

Our account manager, Robyn Freiheit, recounts her experience at CIMC 2017 by summing up a major lesson learned about people-based marketing in the digital world.

Reflecting on my time at #CIMC2017, one takeaway word persistently surfaces - people. But why would “people” be the takeaway message in a conference highlighting all of the hottest technologies, marketing tools, and trends? Because when it comes down to it, “people” are at the root of any effective marketing strategy.

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