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Back to Basics: Marketing Edition

September has been a month of getting back to the digital marketing basics at the Jelly office. Each one of us took the time to reflect on the number one tip in our respective fields. So grab a pen and notebook (or just bookmark the page), because we're about to take you back to school!

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Social Media Optimization - What is it and why does it matter?

Social Media Optimization is an important tool for any marketer, business or brand as it will make a dramatic difference in how you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social sharing site. Change your approach to a more strategic one and start seeing better results! Read more

Pitch Perfect: How to Give a PR Pitch That Will Make Your Audience Sing

So you have a brilliant idea ... or at least you think so. Without a doubt you are offering something invaluable, but the challenge is translating this brilliance into a noticeable pitch- one that actually leaves an impression

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Effective Email Marketing with Antoine Bonicalzi from Cyberimpact

Meet Antoine Bonicalzi, Digital Marketer at Cyberimpact

With more than 8 years of experience in digital marketing, Antoine has worked on over 200 projects. He specializes in helping businesses generate more leads with their online marketing efforts. As a digital marketing specialist at Cyberimpact, he helps small business owners in Canada reach their maximum potential with email marketing. When Antoine's not giving a webinar or optimizing an ad campaign, you can find him on the Jiu-jitsu mats or on his kayak!

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Summer Survival Guide: PR Edition

Sweet summertime has arrived! In the PR world, the season can be somewhat of a "slow" time. We've created a mind-blowing guide for PR professionals to capitalize on the sunny weather and long, lazy days!

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