Effective Email Marketing with Antoine Bonicalzi from Cyberimpact
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Effective Email Marketing with Antoine Bonicalzi from Cyberimpact

Meet Antoine Bonicalzi, Digital Marketer at Cyberimpact

With more than 8 years of experience in digital marketing, Antoine has worked on over 200 projects. He specializes in helping businesses generate more leads with their online marketing efforts.

As a digital marketing specialist at Cyberimpact, he helps small business owners in Canada reach their maximum potential with email marketing.

When Antoine's not giving a webinar or optimizing an ad campaign, you can find him on the Jiu-jitsu mats or on his kayak!

In this Interview we discuss...

  • How Antoine got into business and marketing
  • Antoine's sales experience and what it was like. How sales helped him be a better marketer.
  • How Antoine learned marketing on the job. Antoine says: "You're never done learning"
  • The importance of working on your business and not necessarily in your business all of the time.
  • What is Cyberimpact?
  • CASL - Canada's anti-spam legislation and how Cyberimpact can help
  • Expo Yoga
  • Building a targeted list of email subscribers
  • Cyberimpact - A Canadian solution. Templates in both official languages.
  • Quote: "Email is a very good channel to drive action and sales."
  • Cyberimpact - With just a click of a button you can send an email in French or in English

Effective Email Marketing...

  • When it comes to sending email to your customers and potential customers keep a good balance between education and promotion
  • You need both types of content - educational and promotional - to be successful
  • A good idea is to combine your fun educational content with your call to action
  • The craft beer example of education and a call to action

Antoine's 5 questions that we ask everybody highlights...

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