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Back to Basics: Marketing Edition

September has been a month of getting back to the digital marketing basics at the Jelly office. Each one of us took the time to reflect on the number one tip in our respective fields. So grab a pen and notebook (or just bookmark the page), because we're about to take you back to school!

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People-Based Marketing: Transforming Customer Reach and Driving Measurable Results in The World of Digital

Our account manager, Robyn Freiheit, recounts her experience at CIMC 2017 by summing up a major lesson learned about people-based marketing in the digital world.

Reflecting on my time at #CIMC2017, one takeaway word persistently surfaces - people. But why would “people” be the takeaway message in a conference highlighting all of the hottest technologies, marketing tools, and trends? Because when it comes down to it, “people” are at the root of any effective marketing strategy.

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Moving the Team Forward: Sarah

This week's spotlight is bittersweet as Jelly's longtime, account managing goddess, Sarah is leaving for maternity leave as of today. Sarah has been a rock at Jelly and, although we are happy for her, we're going to miss her dearly.

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Meet Katrina, Jelly's Newest Account Manager

Team Jelly seems to be growing by leaps and bounds and we couldn't be any more thrilled about it. Although it's bittersweet that we've had to say goodbye to Superstar Sarah as she's on a maternity leave, we're excited to introduce you to Katrina for this Meet the Team Monday.

Katrina recently moved to Canada from Singapore, among other exotic, international destinations. With over 10 years experience in advertising and brand growth, Katrina has her name and success stamped all over international brands like Saatchi & Saatchi and Head & Shoulders. She's bringing a creative punch and excellent sense of style to the Jelly workplace. Learn more about her below.

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