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Top 5 Instagram Gallery Content Suggestions

Instagram now allows you to share as many as 10 photos, videos, and/or boomerangs in a swipeable gallery! It’s a super cool new feature that makes us (*heart*) instagram even more than we already did.

So here’s the big question is, what the heck should you post?

Here’s our Top 8 Instagram Gallery Content Suggestions

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3 Benefits of Instagram Stories

Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and soon Twitter moments – it’s almost like a battle of the bands! When Instagram stories first began rolling out, many

of us may have shared a laugh and fondly remembered the wise adage “imitation is the finest form of flattery.” It’s no laughing matter though – Instagram stories have been quickly adopted by both brands and individuals. Sure, some thought it was funny for their first story to be their Snapcode, or to encourage others to follow them on Snapchat, but now that the dust has settled we’re starting to see the many benefits of Instagram stories.

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Apps that Changed My Life: Save-On Foods

I’m always looking into new technologies and apps, and the way they affect human life. Some apps have turned our world into a social event where excuses are made to be mobile and interact with people, such as Pokemon Go. Much like how Pokemon Go has affected people who don’t like to go outside, the Save-On Foods app impacts people who have little spare time to grocery shop. For people with kids, like myself, I no longer have to take them to the grocery store, and can allocate that time into (much more fun) family bonding.

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