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How Backlinks Affect Google Search Engine Rankings

Google's search engine pagerank algorithm works kind of like high school. When someone waves "hello" to you in the hallway, they're acknowledging you. They're declaring that they believe you have value and that you're relevant to their day. A wave "hello" is a backlink!

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Jelly Digital Marketing and PR Named a Top Agency in Canada by Clutch

At Jelly, the five core values that define who we want to become as a team are: Humility, Prudence, Temperance, Fairness, and Courage. We attribute these values to all of our successes including, most recently, being highlighted by in their Canadian directory of Top Agencies.

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SEO Tips and Tricks

Just like a carnival, the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is full of different tricks. We put together a go-to guide of tips and tricks to optimize your website for search engines and ultimately increase brand awareness. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading and welcome to the SEO carnival!

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Meet Mack! One of Jelly's Digital Ads and SEO Coordinators

Attack of the Mack! Jelly's departments are in a continuous stage of growth and, although Mack's been rocking the position for over a month now, we just wanted to take a minute and let you get to know more about the man behind the mask (computer screen). For this Meet the Team Monday, we're happy to introduce you to Mack! Read more

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