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Team Building Activities to Try in Your Workplace

Challenge courses and trust falls. These are the typical activities that come to mind when someone mentions a “team building” event. Fear not for there is a wide range of fun activities that not only allow you to get to know your team members better, but help to build stronger connections that come to life in the workplace. We've shared three different areas to help spice up your next team building event. Read more

Humility in the Workplace

Anyone for a slice of humble pie? This week we’re serving up the first of Jelly’s 5 core values that guide how we operate and who we strive to become as a team. Here at Jelly, we believe that humility is a conscious choice and effort, day in and day out. At its core, humility is the pursuit of serving others by taking their unique needs and perspectives into consideration, even if it contradicts what we believe to be true.

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​4 Easy Steps to Build Your Corporate Culture

“Culture”. It’s a hot topic in the business world with more and more employees striving to find employment opportunities within companies that emphasize the importance of a healthy workplace culture and align with their personal values. We’ve used our expertise to create a list of 4 easy steps to start developing your very own business culture in whichever industry you work within - give it a try and start reaping the benefits!

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