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Team Building Activities to Try in Your Workplace

Challenge courses and trust falls. These are the typical activities that come to mind when someone mentions a “team building” event. Fear not for there is a wide range of fun activities that not only allow you to get to know your team members better, but help to build stronger connections that come to life in the workplace. We've shared three different areas to help spice up your next team building event. Read more

Temperance in the Workplace

Temperance is balance in practice. It guides how hard we work, how hard we play, and even guides us moment by moment, deciding how much coffee we drink. Temperance is essential to sound judgment and self-awareness, holding us accountable to our work and reminding us when we’ve given too much or too little. Temperance is a practiced virtue that, to exercise daily, is a choice, teaching us that with finding the right balance comes success. Read more

Fairness in the Workplace

Fairness in the WorkplaceSometimes life isn’t fair, but we believe your workplace should be. Here at Jelly, fairness is the moral compass that we strive to use in all of our dealings. It guides us in our everyday interactions and disciplines us to act in ways that are right and morally just, keeping in mind all stakeholders. Fairness fuels our healthy work culture, encouraging teamwork, accountability, and upholds Jelly’s reputation of honesty and integrity. Above all, fairness allows us to do right by our clients, and by each other.

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Prudence in the Workplace

Prudence in the WorkplaceTo us here at Jelly, prudence is anything but boring. Prudence helps us visualize the big picture and gives us the ability to harmonize multiple goals. This strength of character guides and disciplines the way we work, calling on us to think before we act. Prudence doesn’t force us to play it safe or settle for small goals, in fact, it enables us to marry creativity and logic, giving us the capacity to think BIG, while always keeping the end goal at the forefront of our endeavours.

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Courage in the Workplace

Growing up, we’re taught that courage is found in grand acts of heroism. A soldier who goes to battle for their country, or a good samaritan who risks their life to protect a stranger - the real superheroes of life. Here at Jelly, we strive to cultivate courage in the workplace. We believe that acts of courage happen in front of our eyes every day.

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