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Hardbite Chips

  The Challenge

Hardbite had a quality product - all natural, handmade, kettle-cooked potato chips - but sales were declining. Hardbite’s original branding and packaging no longer supported their premium position in the market. The company needed a brand and strategy for sustainable growth, and they needed a creative way to do it.

  The Solution

Besides a brand and packaging refresh, more aggressive regional advertising was needed to raise awareness to support expanding distribution. That’s where Jelly came in. We launched a consumer contest photo contest in 2014 that gave Hardbite fans the opportunity to have one of their photographs featured on a chip package. Crowdsourcing packaging photos gave Hardbite an opportunity to create even closer connections with customers. The contest received nearly 300 pictures, 2000 votes, and helped generate local Vancouver PR buzz with bloggers and traditional media.

  The Results

Ever-expanding distribution and increasing awareness are driving growth. Our PR efforts garnered Hardbite a spot on a CTV news segment in 2014, which continued the momentum of brand recognition among consumers.

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