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Hyde Canyon

  The Challenge

With so many new developments being introduced to an already cluttered market, the question was: how do we help Hyde Canyon stand out amongst the crowd? And how do we get qualified leads? It's one thing to get inquiries, but we wanted to turn those into actual sales.

  The Solution

We took the budget and did three things: created a Facebook ad campaign targeting their audience and ran both Google searches and Bing search campaigns targeting what their audience were interested in. We also implemented innovative PR campaigns on both digital and traditional platforms. Through social media, we created engaging and shareable content, including video content. We ran some great contests and generated unique content through influencer campaigns, by partnering with local tourism bureaus.

  The Results

We were thrilled with the results that we were able to accomplish, including bringing in over $98,000 worth of earned media for Hyde Canyon. But, what does that mean?

We often say that there’s something magical about public relations in business. PR establishes trust with your potential and current clients. People are aware of traditional advertising and have preconceived opinions about it, but PR can reach out to them on a more personal level. This can make them rethink their opinions about a brand. Some people don’t trust messages coming directly from a brand. These types of people tend to respond better to third-party validation to consider purchasing a certain product - especially one of the largest purchases someone would make in their lifetime, a home!

For example, a customer may have heard or seen Hyde Canyon advertised elsewhere. That same person then may have seen Vancity Buzz’s article on Facebook, the Vancouver Sun’s article in the weekend newspaper or the Sugarplum Sister’s Instagram post who expressed their love of the beautiful kitchens at Hyde Canyon from the Influencers Gathering. That same person appreciates these neutral, authentic opinions and evaluations of Hyde Canyon, and they help spread your development online and offline via word-of-mouth. PR builds credibility by showcasing why Hyde Canyon matters - why people should care.

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