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Master Care

  The Challenge

As a rapidly growing janitorial business in Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Ontario, Master Care understood the importance of standing out. Through 1-on-1 consulting with the Team Jelly, Master Care learned how to build their brand through social media, generate and run digital ads and highlight their reputable status through media based PR efforts – but they were missing one crucial tool. Master Care needed to be accessible and found online with ease, as they desired to be #1 for their clients - in their minds and in their search engines.

  The Solution

To help Master Care gain traction online, we knew that SEO was the key to success. By performing a thorough SEO audit, we were able to determine how to best serve Master Care based on their unique goals. We then developed a strategy that would make the website more user-friendly, faster, and easier to navigate. Most importantly, we wanted to connect Master Care with their target audience, and ultimately, drive business. Through targeting specific keywords relevant to their products and services, we were able to connect the right visitors to the website, and in doing so, increased conversions.

  The Results

  • Target keyword rankings: Consistently #1 for Janitorial Services in Vancouver

  • Organic traffic: Organic traffic increased by 21% year over year (Dec 2016-2017)

  • Office cleaning in Vancouver: Position #62 for query when started, #8 now

  • Form submissions: 1,133% increase in leads since working with Jelly

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