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Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine

  The Challenge

Who likes talking about things like fertility, periods, and sperm? It has always seemed like taboo to discuss these things but when PCRM came on as a Jelly client, we were committed to making sure we broke that perception. We wanted people to speak freely, understand their options, know that it's more common than we think, and know that PCRM was the go to for all things fertility.

  The Solution

We put together a digital marketing and PR strategy that helped, not only highlight PCRM as the experts in fertility, but also brought together a social community where we could share information, resources and invite conversations about fertility. We partnered with media outlets and blogs to share guest publications to make sure people knew fertility was an option for those trying to grow their families.

Our solution included PR, social media, digital ads, and SEO. We used our this strategy to start generating leads, and were eventually able to discover trends that helped us adjust accordingly. By watching the data closely, we saw that online activity for fertility was highest on Mondays and Tuesday (after a weekend of family conversations, or perhaps sad realizations) – so we used this as an opportunity to bid more aggressively in our Google Search Ads on those days.

We were able to form many partnerships for guest blogging and article opportunities to, not only help with SEO, but get PCRM features on reputable sources like Huff Post, and Men’s Reproductive Health Blog, Don’t Cook Your Balls.

  The Results

  • Averaged 120 leads/month

  • 12% increase in social media following

  • Approximately 2% of total web traffic generated by Facebook

  • Approximately 80% of web traffic generated organically

  • 70% of leads came from organic traffic

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