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Run For Water

  The Challenge

In 2015, Run for Water needed to grow their online presence as they wanted to raise more money for clean water initiatives in Ethiopia. The more people they reached and money they raised, the more people received clean water for life.

  The Solution

There was a lot of opportunity with Run for Water to build a stronger online presence and we wanted to encourage as much fundraising as possible through their website. To do this, we chose to build a full-screen landing page with one goal in mind: encouraging visitors towards fundraising.

In addition to reformatting their website, we utilized social media to promote Run for Water. The more awareness through shares and likes led to more donations being made. We strategically posted leading up to the race about activities, start times, images and engagement.

Lastly, we utilized digital ads through Facebook and search ads. This allowed us to target a specific audience with a strong call to action.

  The Results

  • Monetized Digital PR Value of $74,200.37

  • 14% increase in web traffic

  • 270% more online donors

  • 223% more money raised

  • 19,585 referral visitors
  • 80392 total email newsletter opens
  • 10673 total email newsletter clicks
  • 34% open rate
  • 53 emails sent
  • 4x above average click rate
  • 13% lower donations per person
  • 1,079,744 impressions from search ads
  • 21,185 referral visitors from search ads
  • 1.96% click through rate from search ads -158,584 reach on Twitter
  • 636,599 impressions from twitter
  • 2018 fans on Facebook
  • 3,212 average weekly reach on Facebook

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