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Spence Diamonds

  The Challenge

The perception of the brand was really, really bad. People associated the brand with their radio ads, and thought that the quality of the their product was just as bad as the ads. The brand was unable to break through the hate and tell their story. Digital was a completely new concept to them, and although they had used social media in the past, they shut down all accounts. We wanted influencers and style-makers, movers and shakers of Vancouver to experience the brand in a more positive way.

  The Solution

We hosted an upscale #SpenceSoiree event showcasing the quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness that Spence Diamonds offers with both their in store experience and product. Our Influencers were able to try on rings, take photos in a photo booth, and interact with the brand in a completely new way. We also created a “behind the design studio” brand video to showcase Spence’s craftsmanship.

  The Results

Spence Diamonds wanted to come across as a high-end and current brand, and the event helped to elevate their image. Guests from prominent publications were in attendance, including The Vancouver Sun and Province, CTV, Global News, Yelp, Sonic FM Radio, FASHION magazine, Vancity Buzz, Novus TV BLUSH magazine and more.

  • 74% increase in web traffic post event

  • $185,846 worth of earned media coverage as a result of 46 media hits

  • 15% increase in Facebook followers

  • 38% increase in Instagram followers

  • #SpenceSoiree trending on Twitter

To us, most importantly, the amount of times we heard comments from guests such as "Before this event, I would have never stepped into a Spence Diamonds location" or "I would have never known Spence Diamonds was this kind of quality without attending an event like this" was the biggest success.

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