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Splashdown Waterpark

  The Challenge

The Metro Vancouver institution was closing its gates and we wanted people to know about it and realize that time was limited to enjoy one last “splash.”

  The Solution

Whether it was being one of the first brands to incorporate 360 video into experiential PR, inviting guests to share memories, or breaking the news that this could be the final season – the Splashdown season was one that nobody will soon forget.

  The Results

They definitely went out with a splash!

    Growth in Facebook likes: 67% (Total: 7,641)
    Growth in Twitter following: 21% (Total: 286)
    Growth in Instagram following: 224% (Total: 953)
    Total engagement on Facebook: 21,568
    For the entire season, social media was THE way people communicated their fond memories and sadness that it was the last season
    5,482 impressions of Snapchat filters run through the season (Summer Splash, OCC Day, Final Weekend)

    $619,542 in PR Coverage in publications such as Vancouver Sun, Daily Hive, CBC Radio, CTV, Global, & many more
    56 PR Hits!
    Hosted a blogger day with: BC Mom, Styling the Inside, North Shore Mama, & many more
    We trended on Facebook!

    Your brand has been seen by 869,518 people via Facebook & Instagram ads; close to 2.65% CTR
    More than 1.6 million impressions on the Google Network; a Search CTR of 19.13%!

    38.2% Open Rate
    2.2% Click Rate
    We used email to share updates on what’s happening at Splashdown, remind people that this was their last chance to come enjoy and relive fond memories from the past

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