I bring over 15 years of experience in marketing, communications and public relations. Throughout my career, I have also been a founder and board member of various foundations and charitable organizations.

I spent five years both employed with and directing a range of entrepreneurial ventures. These included a publishing company (producing two Canadian best sellers), a series of national youth worker conferences and a national newspaper for Christian youth workers.

I then invested four years of consulting in the charitable sector at a local law firm, which was launching new fundraising technology. As part of the marketing and service team, I helped the company launch two successful fundraising tools. At this time, I also led Canada’s first Youth Venture program, a global initiative providing training and funding for students to start new businesses.

For the last four years I have focused on the technology sector, leading an app development agency and growing a digital marketing agency, Jelly Marketing. We work with various local, national and global brands and we are the co-creators of the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference.

I've worked with various local, national and global brands building and executing on their digital & PR strategy. I've been featured in BC Business magazine, Business in Vancouver and spoke on the Canada Post training circuit. I'm currently a marketing professor at Trinity Western University, a contributor with Small Business BC and Shaw's recent Business Resource Centre, and most recently I'm teaching a series of workshops for the BBB on topics of Social Media, Digital Ads and PR.

Speaking Bio

Darian brings over 15 years of experience in marketing, communications and public relations. Throughout his career, he has also been a founder and board member of various foundations and charitable organizations. Through his award-winning company, Jelly Marketing, Darian has worked with various local, national and global brands building and executing on their digital & PR strategy. He co-founded the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference and he's been featured in BC Business magazine, Business in Vancouver and on the Canada Post training circuit. He is a contributor with Small Business BC, Entrepreneur, and both Rogers and Shaw's Business Resource Centre on topics of Social Media and PR. Being both an educator and practitioner, Darian's mix of stories, practical examples and takeaways leaves audiences feeling inspired and equipped to implement social media and PR strategies into their organizations.

Speaking Topics

7 Reasons Why PR is Worth the Hustle

It's often said that there’s something magical about public relations in business. A lot of time and resources go into this marketing method, but what is so special about it and why should businesses invest in it? Darian Kovacs, PR mastermind and Managing Partner of the award-winning Jelly Digital Marketing and PR explains how PR can, and will, bring the "WOW" factor to your business.

Key Takeaways:
The importance of telling your story
Using PR to stay human in a tech-forward world
Off site SEO and how PR can help you get on the first page of Google
How PR helps HR
Using PR to effectively reach your target market
Expanding your reach through multiple platforms
Increasing your client's trust through PR

PR's Role in Marketing

Behind every brand, company and person, there is a story. Whether it is how the product affects someone, or the philosophy/owner behind the company, it is never just about the product. Darian Kovacs, Managing Partner of award-winning Jelly Digital Marketing and PR shares his insights on the world of PR and why he thinks each business should be taking advantage of it and incorporating it into their marketing strategies.

Key Takeaways:
What PR can do for you
Where to start - uncovering your story
How sharing your story doesn't have to feel self-serving
PR is more than just press releases
The benefit of integrating PR into marketing strategies

Social Media for Your Business

These days, social media for business is as much of a requirement as bilingualism in Parliament. Social media is a powerful (and not to mention FREE) tool that can be used to promote to, engage with, and learn about your customers. Social media enthusiast and Managing Partner of award-winning Jelly Digital Marketing and PR, Darian Kovacs, explains how to find the right combination of platforms, tools, content, and creativity, that will provide maximum ROI.

Key Takeaways:
Picking the RIGHT platforms for your brand
How to optimize these platforms
Measuring the ROI of social media efforts
Tips and tricks for creating a calendar full of great content
How to manage your time spent on social media

Growing Your Brand: A Guide to Creating Visibility, Building Your Brand and Making Sales

It takes a village to grow a brand, which means it starts by establishing a community. No matter you knowledge or experience level, you will learn practical ideas and tools to grow your brand. Darian Kovacs, Managing partner of award-winning Jelly Digital Marketing and PR shares how to break through the clutter to ensure your brand is seen and heard, how to build your brand from the ground up, and how to seal the deal by making sales.

Key Takeaways:
Using digital, social, and PR to grow your brand
How to build a community and foster genuine relationships with your audience
What tools will help you build your brand
Engaging with micro-influencers
What to do with Yelp & Google reviews

How to Stand out in a Noisy Market

Marketing is about getting people’s attention and more importantly, getting the right people’s attention. There are so many mediums to reach consumers, but which ones will make people pay attention to your brand and take the action you want them to? Knowing how and where your audience is spending their free time is more important than ever. Marketing expert and Managing Partner of award-winning Jelly Digital Marketing and PR, Darian Kovacs, describes how to get your brand seen and heard.

Key Takeaways:
The power of video, digital ads, and public relations in today’s market
The benefit of incorporating SEO into your marketing budget
Making contests and giveaways work for you
Which ad platforms are best for your brand

Forms of PR and How to Pitch

Relationships are one of the most beneficial things for a business to spend their time and resources on. A successful public relations strategy covers all points of contact the media or the public will have with your business and vise versa. The trick is deciding which outlets to pursue and ultimately landing the connection. Educator, Practitioner, and Managing Partner of Jelly Digital Marketing and PR, Darian Kovacs, shares his tips and tricks on how to win over publications, media personnel, and influencers.

Key Takeaways:
Experiential & events
Traditional media
Online publications
Influencer partnerships
Micro influencers
Managing online reviews


  • Managing Director, Jelly Marketing
  • Professor of Marketing, Trinity Western University
  • Fundraising & Technology Consultant, Benefic Group/Venus Industries
  • Vancouver Director, Youth Venture – Ashoka
  • Ministry Director, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
  • Conference Director, Youth Specialties - Zondervan - Harper Collins
  • Founder/CEO, Ponder Publishing
  • Youth Pastor, Peace Portal Alliance Church
  • Founder/Director, campusfire/Canada Fire Ministries
  • Youth Director, City of Surrey

Volunteer Experience

Foundation Board Member
  • Love Global Foundation
  • Abba Canada Foundation
  • Seacrest Foundation
Charity Board Member
  • A Rocha Canada
  • City in Focus
  • SIM Canada
  • Canada Fire Ministries
Not for Profit Board Member
  • Water Street Arts Society


  • Edinburgh Business School (MBA in progress)
  • University of Victoria, Child & Youth Care - Art Education


  • Metis Nation British Columbia Citizen

Local charities Jelly has supported through donated work or gala and event services:

  • BC Children's Hospital - Crystal Ball Gala
  • Gone Country Cancer Fundraiser
  • YWCA Women of Distinction
  • Canucks Place Children's Hospice
  • International Justice Mission (IJM)
  • Ronald McDonald House of BC (RMHBC)
  • Delta Hospital Foundation
  • Langley Memorial Foundation
  • Sources BC
  • British Columbia American Marketing Association (BCAMA)
  • Langley Animal Protection Services (LAPS)
  • Jewish Community Centre
  • Wellspring Foundation
  • Back to the Bible
  • Opportunity International
  • City Dream Centre
  • Village Golf Tournament
  • The Spartan Foundation
Check out some of the videos we've donated here.

Other Accomplishments

Co-launched a Google-inspired commuter bus:
Launched an academy:
Used technology to bring stronger support for missions:
Published three books:
Award Wins/Nominations





We had the pleasure of having Darian Kovacs speak at one of our Business Breakfast Sessions. The presentation was on point for our members, and Darian has a fabulous presence. He presents very informatively, while engaging the audience with great anecdotes and humour to keep it light. He was very professional and clearly knows his material and is very passionate about it. I would highly recommend Darian for any presentation, and we look forward to having him back in the future to one of ours!
Trevor Wyman, Associated Equipment Distributors of BC
I heard Darian speak for the first time at the 19th edition of the Vancouver Esthetique Spa International Conference. I was drawn in by his upbeat, fun and professional personalty, The knowledge he provided me and the class was in a way we understood. I am not very savvy with social media, but once Darian's talk was over, I felt much more confident. I will take his tips and information about social media and apply them to my business to drive more traffic, 5 star ratings and success. Thank you Darian for opening up my eyes to a whole other virtual world that I am excited to be apart of.
Tanya Higgin, Emerald Day Spa
I attended Darian Kovacs' lecture "Brand Building with Social Media" at the 2017 ESI Vancouver Spa Show this past weekend. I found this lecture was presented well and would recommend it for anyone who is looking for practical advice on building your brand following. He discussed the differences in popular social media and provided helpful advice as to “what you can do” when using them. He also gave tips on collecting data through free and accessible programs online and how to use this to your advantage.
Nicola Berg, Spa Supervisor
I’ve met Darian at the ESI Spa Show. I really enjoyed attending his workshop! I find Darian very knowledgeable and passionate about Digital Marketing. He’s resourceful and also super helpful and supportive in sharing his information and knowledge.